Transparent production control
"Global License Plate System"
Global License Plate System is a software set designed to control license plate production. The software set serves as an efficient monitoring system at all stages of production and allows for detailed reporting at each stage.

The main tasks of GLPS:
  • monitoring the circulation of license plates;
  • accounting for market participants of license plates;
  • quality control of the manufactured products;
  • providing all participants in the process with a convenient mechanism for interaction.

Global License Plate System supports two models that allow regulating the degree of control over process participants:
  • Permit-based: a request for operation execution is sent through the equipment for manufacturing license plates, and approval is received subject to compliance with the specified conditions;
  • Declarative: a report on the manufactured license plates is sent through the equipment for manufacturing license plates.

The Global License Plate System integrates manufacturing equipment for license plate production. This system can also work with Avtovin equipment.

The operation of the software is based on the accounting of unique codes distributed by the market operator (government or private company) among plate manufacturers. These manufacturers produce plates, each with a unique code. Subsequently, license plate manufacturers produce license plates based on customer documents using marked plates. Scanners on the production equipment read and transmit information about customer data and plate usage to the GLPS system for monitoring and control by the market operator.

Thus, control by the market operator means monitoring information about:
  • manufacturers of the license plate blanks;
  • manufacturers of the license plates;
  • documents based on which the license plate was manufactured.

You can find a catalog with GLPS and a video with the operation of the system below

Global License Plate System
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