AVTOVIN is the № 1 company in Ukraine in production of license plates for cars and license plate frames. For more than 13 years we have been working on optimizing business processes to improve efficiency and accumulate experience to implement new ideas.
The company systematically approaches its partners by offering a closed set of solutions for efficient business in the automobile license plate market.

Today we offer the following developments:

• blanks of license plates and materials for the production of duplicate license plates that meet the specifications and requirements of specific countries

• stamping and thermotransfer machines for production of finished license plates

• a software complex that guarantees complete control of the process and accounting of the production of license plates

• plastic frames for attaching license plates, with the ability to place advertising information on it

• consulting and training support

Avtovin's technological and innovative capabilities make it possible to manufacture all types of reflective license plates using modern anti-counterfeiting techniques.

The production and human capacities help Avtovin to fulfill large-scale government orders in due time.

Avtovin products have DSTU (National Standard of Ukraine) 3650: 2012 Certificate of Conformity. The company has repeatedly received awards at the national level.

Avtovin is the only company in Ukraine that has developed its own equipment to produce license plates. This equipment in combination with the developed software product allows us to reduce operators' errors to a minimum, to keep a record of all license plates made by them, to control the remains of a plate.

The company's affiliate network includes 30 factories operating under the Avtovin brand. Each of them can provide complex service to the client in 5 minutes: make a duplicate of a license plate, realize a frame for attaching a number, take out vehicle liability insurance and offer another auto accessory.

In addition, Avtovin is a company that produces license plate frames and prints advertising on them. In 13 years of our work network car dealers and service centres, the best football clubs in the country and other businesses have become our clients. Today, the frames are exported to Germany, Norway, Cyprus, Moldova and other European countries..
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